GTA Vice City APK Game free Download for Android (300MB) 2023 (2023)

GTA Vice City APK Game free Download for Android (300MB) 2023

You may find a regular version of GTA Vice City for Android on multiple platforms, but only a few offer a highly compressed and unlocked edition of the game, and we’re one of them. The GTA APK package available for download from us is only 300 MB in size, but it gives you free access to Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Levels, and the MOD Menu.

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Are you still thinking? Click the Download button to claim your GTA Vice City APK edition and start playing the game without limits. At this point, we should try to make it clear that our download links are always available, safe, and work with all of the best Android brands and models.

In addition to offering free access to premium game features, our GTA Vice City APK version also has the commendable trait of being ad-free. It means that you can play the game online for a long time without having to deal with annoying ads.

The GTA Vice City APK version for Android also supports multiple languages, has a fully customizable layout, and can be played with the MoGa Wireless Game Controller or other USB gamepads.

Exploring the Gameplay of GTA Vice City APK for Android

GTA Vice City doesn’t need any introduction, as it is one of the most popular video games available onPS4, PC, and consoles. Now, developers have launched GTA Vice City for Android, which has features similar to those showcased on emulators and excels in gameplay.

The game takes place on the streets of Miami, where gangs and other criminals rule the underworld. However, the prime pathologist of this game is Tommy Vercetti, a character who vows to fight bad people and eliminate all illegal cults from the city.

It’s important to note that the game comes with a lot of missions and levels, which add up to a lot of game time. To complete in-game challenges, you can use a range of gadgets like weapons, cars, motorbikes, and other assisting resources.


As far as the graphics of GTA Vice City are concerned, they are super-cool because the developer emphasizes every minor detail and aspect to make the game more interesting. Lastly, most in-game features like visuals, sound, controllers, and characters’ outlooks are customizable.

Dominating Features of GTA Vice City APK

Open-World Video Game:The game takes place in an open world where everything appears realistic and appealing.

Hundreds of Missions and Levels: To meet the demands of traditional gamers, GTA Vice City includes hundreds of missions and challenges.

Range of Weapons and Vehicles:The Weapons Gallery of the game showcases pistols, rifles, machine guns, and grenades, to name a few items on the list. Also available are a variety of sports vehicles, such as sports cars, police cars, motorcycles, and army transport.

Highly Customizable Layout:From graphics to the characters’ outlooks, control sensitivity, and lighting, most of the game’s aspects are highly customizable.

Compatible with External Controllers:To have better control over the game, you may connect external controllers.

Supports various languages: The menu, options, and instructions are all available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Japanese, among other languages.

Adjustable 3D Graphics:The game has advanced and vivid 3D graphics, as well as background music and sound effects that are both cool and real just like inGTA 5 APK.


Latest MOD Menu of GTA Vice City APK

GTA Vice City APK receives regular updates, with each adding new features and content to the game. Notably, you can’t get the game’s most current updates unless you switch from an older to a more recent version. And if you’re interested, get it from our website right now.

In the spotlight, the new version of GTA Vice City shouts out with improved graphics, a collection of weapons, the addition of sports cars, an upgraded rewards and bonus system, bug fixes, and an Android-optimized UI.

  • Unlimited Money & MOD Menu

  • Unlocked all Missions and Challenges

  • Improved Graphics and User-Interface

  • No-Ads & Shopping Features

  • Bugs Fixes

    (Video) [300MB] GTA Vice City Lite Compressed Android Game | Apk+Obb | Cleo MODs | Support Nougat & Oreo

How to Play GTA Vice City APK on Android

Even though the GTA Vice City APK version has exclusive game features, it has simple controls that add value. You can, of course, change settings to change how controllers work, like how sensitive they are, where they are placed, how they are laid out, and how quickly they respond.

GTA Vice City’s controls, like those of any other fighting game, are divided into two sections: The joystick to control the character’s movement is on the left, while a bunch of self-explanatory buttons are on the right bottom of the device screen.

Compatibility Criteria of GTA Vice City APK Latest Version

The GTA Vice City APK’s most admirable feature is its extensive compatibility criteria. The game works on Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, and Realme phones, among other high-quality Android brands. Besides this, you may also install and run this game on iPhones, PCs, tablets, and MacBooks without rooting or requiring third-party apps.


Reviewed By Salman:

This is an amazing GTA game you may remember from your childhood, now available on smartphones. In my opinion, all aspects of the original game are present. When played on a phone, it has great graphics and no lag or glitches that can be seen. The texture is very smooth, and the scenes are well cut! Compared to the PS2 and Xbox, it is much better. The controls on handheld touchscreen devices are difficult to use, so getting used to them takes some time. Overall, I had a great experience playing the game.

How to Download and Install GTA Vice City APK 300mb on Android

It’s easy to get GTA Vice City, as long as you don’t go against the game’s official requirements. So, it’s a good idea to read the game’s rules and set things up in the right way before starting the installation process.

  • First of all download GTA Vice City APK Version from our Website
  • Next, go to Phone’s Settings > Administrator Option > Enable Unknown Sources
  • Note, you must have an Extractor App & De-compressor tool to complete the installation process
  • Go to File Manager and launch the File to start Download Process
  • Then, extract the File by using any Extraction App
  • A small Icon of the game will appear on your device Screen
  • Click it to open and start playing the game

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I download GTA Vice City APK on Android?

As mentioned above, the original version of GTA Vice City is compatible with emulators, PS4s, and consoles, which means you can’t play that game on Android devices, at least on the low ends. However, GTA Vice City APK is a custom-built edition that allows you to play the game even on medium or low-end units.

Can I attach external controls to the GTA Vice City Android version?

The latest version of GTA Vice City can be changed in a lot of ways, and one of its benefits is that it works with external controllers. The game is playable with the MoGa Wireless Game Controller and USB gamepads. Notably, the accuracy, control, and sensitivity of the game are adjustable through the settings.

(Video) GTA VICE CITY HIGHLY COMPRESSED IN ONLY ( 200 )mb on android with all missions


GTA Vice City has everything that a hard-core gamer would want or hope for in a perfect shooting game. In fact, hundreds of levels and missions not only keep players from getting bored, but also keep them busy for hours at a time. You can also bookmark ourwebsiteto get real-time updates on when the APK versions of your favorite games and apps are released.

GTA Vice City APK Game free Download for Android (300MB) 2023


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